What is Creative Intuition?

What is Creative Intuition?

Since we are all creative beings, we use our creative intuition all the time.  We have a physical body and an energy body. They work together seamlessly, but we have absorbed beliefs over the years that we are cut off from the knowledge of our energy body, that we have somehow become separated and disconnected.

People talk about a sense they have of being apart from some vital aspect of themselves or believe that they have to go out an search beyond the veil, in other worlds to reconnect with this important aspect of themselves.  But in fact, your energy body has been with you all along and you don’t need to go searching anywhere or go on treacherous journeys of effort to reconnect with your energy self.  What we have been told is difficult and elusive is much more available to us than we often think.  And our thoughts about this don’t really contribute to making it easier. In fact, in the world of energy, thinking is overrated!To enter the world of energy, you merely have to give yourself permission to push past your fears and become an explorer. Your natural intuition is all you have to follow, step by step.

Creative Intuition is many things. It is allowing yourself to play in your own energy field with your intuitive imagination and explore possibilities.  It is learning to trust the voice of your own being which communicates to you through your intuition or inner voice which choices are aligned with your heart and being. Creative Intuition is what you empower when you bring your awareness to your creative choices.  Your conscious awareness is incredibly powerful and when you engage it with your intuition you bring a focused attention and the power of your creative energy to whatever you choose to manifest in this life of yours.

–Francine Marie

PS. I got these sea shell fragments in Bimini, Bahamas, where I went to swim with wild dolphins.  I dove down to pick them up conch shell pieces from the ocean floor.  Bimini has more conch shells than I have ever seen, anywhere.  I only brought home fragments though, as I loved the soft worn inner spiral of old shells bleached by the sun. These photos were taken on my hotel bed with my iPhone and a black & white photography app.



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  1. I am currently thcaeing The More At Four program and I have 18 students and one assistant. I agree that we need to let our students and children be creative. Some of the best work I have seen from my students is when I let them be creative and create their own work. How boring would the world be if we let all 18 students color the dog brown just because we do not see purple dogs with pink stripes does not mean children don’t. Children have very vivid and creative imaginations. When they are little is when they can be free, creative and can create their very own master pieces. As a fun learning experience we put several plates of paint on the table and let the students mix the colors to see what they could create. From this lesson I had several students tell me that mixing yellow and blue makes green and so forth. They had a blast and their pictures looked amazing. We also let them finger paint and create pictures of their choice. We then hung them up all around the classroom for their enjoyment and ours. Most of our learning is through exploring, imagining, and playing. This is the perfect age to start this learning process so that as they grow older they can learn, construct, and stay creative in all that they want to accomplish. As a teacher and parent I understand that is would be almost impossible to measure a student’s achievement through creativity, but sometimes a student’s creativity is all they have. Taking tests are not for everyone and I do not feel that means they are not successful. I also think that sometimes we forget how to be creative and that is why I love thcaeing the little people because they keep you feeling young, vibrant and full of energy.


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